From the North of Mexico with Love

Mexican Food in Belgrade, Authentic flavors that will make your palate
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Mexican Food in Belgrade.

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From the North of Mexico with Love

Street Tacos

There is no Mexico without tacos, and no tacos without Mexico.
Tacos, a dish that is so adored by locals and by visitors, making its famous reputation very well deserved. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of dedication and time, passion for cooking and above all, love towards its preparation. 

Pico de gallo

Mexican Food in Belgrade.

The Magic of Ingredients

In order to prepare our tacos and our dishes, we use local ingredients of the highest quality, as well as ingredients that are imported in order to achieve the best combination of taste. The most important goal is to respect the authenticity of the flavours from the north of Mexico.

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Norteño Catering

Enrich your parties and gatherings with our tacos, offering your guests a completely new gastronomic experience.

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Because we want you to enjoy our tacos at its best, we send all the ingredients separately ready to be transformed in just minutes into your favorite taco.

Mexican Food in Belgrade.

Happy Customers

Very rich flavor and excellent quality, prepared with a lot of love and attention. A light meal tempting you for another portion.
Nortenjo Zadovoljni Korsnici
Superior quality, food made with a lot of love and understanding of the culture and cuisine from which it originates. Something like this was missing in Belgrade, and now it's finally here. Give me two more!
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Perfectly balanced flavours. Authentic ingredients. Who has been in Mexico, the taste will bring them back. Who has not, should get ready for a trip .
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